Canned Tomato Paste



Filtered and condensed tomato juice, salt


Nutritional value in 30 g


29.4 kCal


0.14 g


1.37 g


0.45 g

Trans fatty acids

0 g

Canned Tomato Paste 800g ChinChin

Consumption of Chin Chin tomato paste has two important benefits for consumers:  first, the nutritionists claim that nutritional value of industrial tomato paste is higher than that of home-baked tomato paste because tomatoes are put in vacuum evaporators to make industrial tomato paste and tomato juice will be boiled and evaporated at 60 ˚C instead of reaching boiling point at 100 ˚C by creating vacuum in closed boilers. In this case, more solutes, vitamins and micronutrients of tomato will be kept while in traditional method, more vitamins and micronutrients of tomato will not be kept at higher temperature.

On the other hand, Chin Chin tomato paste is a compound of tomato produced in different areas of Iran. For this reason, it provides consumers with its unique color and taste.

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