homemade tomato paste

Why is ChinChin tomato paste better than homemade tomato paste?

Tomato paste is one of the most useful flavorful additions among the Iranians and has a special place in food baskets of the Iranian family. For this reason, the health and quality of this product are very important. ChinChin has given the Iranian consumer two products i.e. the best quality Tomato Paste and Homemade Taste Tomato Paste.

Since people have become more sensitive to food health, some of them think that all industrial foods are not wholesome and avoid eating them. Tomato paste is one of these products which some people prefer to make at home for more health and quality. We mention the reasons why their thought is not true and also mention the advantages of ChinChin tomato paste over the traditional homemade tomato pastes.

Homemade Taste tomato pastes which are available in the market contain toxins.

In bad quality and nonstandard tomato paste which is produced and sold as homemade tomato paste in small workshops, two toxic matters, Sodium benzoate, and ultramid are found. Not cooking nonstandard homemade tomato pastes under vacuum conditions results in the creation of ultramid. When nonstandard homemade tomato paste is produced, Sodium benzoate is added to the paste as an additive.

ChinChin tomato paste has higher consistency and better color.

Since ChinChin tomato paste is cooked in vacuum condition, the product will not touch with oxygen, the tomato paste will reach high concentration and brix, without being oxidized.  Another advantage of the product under vacuum condition is short condensation time which adds better color and quality to the product. The tomato pastes which are made at home are cooked in the pot under no vacuum condition. For this reason, the color of ChinChin tomato paste is better than that of homemade tomato pastes.

ChinChin tomato paste contains the best quality ingredients. 

To make ChinChin tomato paste, the best tomato in Khorasan region which has a pleasant flavor, taste and aroma and desirable color is used as in ChinChin canned tomato paste. The changes which are made in tomato paste production process remind the consumer of the homemade tomato paste flavor. The difference between ChinChin tomato paste and other tomato paste products is that the best variety of tomato is used to make this product.

ChinChin tomato paste is fully hygienic.

ChinChin tomato paste production process in the plant is under supervision of the quality control manager of the company, hygienic control and supervision of the standard department and food supervision department. However, the homemade tomato pastes which are available in the market lack specifications of the producer and have very low quality and most of them contain tomato skins and seeds and their concentration is low. The homemade taste tomato paste will get rancid flavor over time while all contaminations of the tomato paste will be removed in the plant by passing through the pasteurization tunnel and a fully hygienic product will be given to the consumer.  Since all hygienic and standard issues are observed, quality control standards are observed and modern devices are used for making this product, it is expected to be more durable than the homemade tomato pastes.


ChinChin tomato paste is more wholesome and hygienic and also has pleasant aroma and flavor than the homemade and traditional tomato pastes. In addition, ChinChin tomato paste, like other ChinChin products, lacks any preservative. Therefore, if you tend to have homemade tomato paste color and aroma, we recommend you to use ChinChin tomato paste which is fully hygienic and healthful.