Quince Jam



Quince, Sugar, Citric acid


Nutritional value in 15 g


48 kCal


10/5 g


0 g


0 g

Trans fatty acids

0 g

Quince jam contains sugar, fiber, protein, pectin and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium and various vitamins and vitamin B groups. Quince jam is anti-diarrheal, while consuming quince jam with honey or sugar relieves constipation and flatulence and has an effective role in strengthening the stomach and heart.

To prepare quince jam, it is better to use copper containers so that the jam has better color and quality. At Chin Chin Agricultural and Industrial Complex, copper pots are used to make quince jam.

Contraindications: Hot-tempered people, especially liverish people, should be careful when consuming quince jam.

Chin Chin quince jam does not contain any preservatives and is produced in a completely hygienic environment and has the natural flavor of quince. This product is produced by condensation method under vacuum and at low temperature