The Chin-Chin brand was nominated by consumers at The 6th National Festival of consumers’ popular brand in October, 2019.

Chin-Chin has come a long way in gaining the confidence of its consumers. The aim began with the production of types of tomato paste and reached a new point in the past year with the production of new products and a focus on targeted and creative advertising. In this report, we examine how the Chin-Chin brand, despite its competitors in the food industry, has become the popular brand of consumers in Iran in 2019.

Tomato paste as an excuse to be with an Iranian consumers

Chin-Chin Agricultural and Industry Complex was established in November 1974 as a Private joint stock company in Mashhad. The company began production of tomato paste, compote and tomato juice, juices and ketchup in 1977. Chin-Chin has decided to expand its product range and bring to a wider target market after five years of tomato paste production. Chin-Chin began producing varieties of jams in 1982, which quickly putting itself forward to Iranian consumers.

A Company in accordance with world standards and modern technology

Due to customers’ welcoming of Chin-Chin products, there was a need to build new factories with higher capacity. Therefore, in 1993 Chin-Chine International Agricultural and Industry Factory opened and new products were added to the brand’s product portfolio. This trend has continued in recent years, and the Chin-Chin Company has added new technologies and who-know to its production line, in addition to increasing its production capacity. Eggplant canned caviar, canned green peas and canned beans are among the products made using Chin-Chin new technologies and are now among the top sales of the company.


Focus on creative advertising

One of the things that sets Chin-Chin apart from other competitors is the focus on creative advertising. The style of these advertisements in television, radio, media, press and digital social network is quite different from one another, and the content of each is targeted and produced according to the needs of their audience. Along with television and radio advertising, Chin-Chin launched a new style of content production on its Instagram page. The brand also regularly publishes practical tips on cooking and lifestyle to cater to its online audience by producing content on its site and blog.

Chin-Chin as handpicked for Iranian consumer

The country’s popular brand festival nominees announced in October 2019 that Chin-Chin was able to nominate consumers in the tomato paste and canned categories as the popular brand of the year.  The survey was conducted online among 152 commodity groups, where 2543943 popular votes were registered.

Chin-Chin and the digital environment

At a ceremony held at Sharif University, one of the key factors in choosing a popular brand was the appropriate activities on the social networks for the announced branding.

“Today we need to go to the digital environment to analyze people’s mindsets and perceptions, and it is analyzing and monitoring of cyberspace that can make brands aware of their brand status and position in society,” said Farzin Fardis, a member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce.”

In this way, the Chin-Chin could be surpassed other brands and won the most popular brand of the year 2019 for the second time.

Also, according to Alborz Distribution Company, which distributes a wide range of products across Iran, Chin-Chin products are among the best-selling products of the company.

And the way it goes!

In addition to upgrading the quality of its products and expanding its presence in the Iranian family’s portfolio, Chin-Chin Agricultural and Industry Complex continues to develop and research to deliver more products using state-of-the-art machinery and technology to meet the needs of consumers more than ever since.