Special Pickled Cucumber



Cucumber, water, Vinegar, salt, Tarragon, garlic, green pepper


Nutritional value in 30 g


2.79 kCal


0 g


0.33 g


1.35 g

Trans fatty acids

0 g


670 g

Special Pickled Cucumber ChinChin

Pickled Cucumber

Stomach and intestinal disorders are one of the most common diseases of the digestive system, which are caused by insufficient consumption of fiber and the lack of growth of beneficial bacteria. Fortunately, pickled cucumber are one of the ways to help solve this problem. Pickled cucumber is considered a probiotic substance. Of course, we should remember that although vinegar slows down the growth of bacterial colonies, the time frame for preparing pickled cucumbers is such that the time necessary for the growth of probiotic bacteria is provided. Therefore, you don’t need to wait a long time for the preparation of this amazing food to benefit from its properties. Also, pickled cucumber is famous for its natural fiber, which makes it a valuable place in your diet.