Chin Chin was selected as the Premier Food Safety and Health unit

Chin Chin Agricultural and Technology Complex was honored and selected as the premier Food Safety and Health Unit and received the honor and recognition of the conference. The title of Food Safety and Health Conference titled “Healthy Eating, From Field to Table” was organized by Salehan University and Iranian Association of Indigenous Technologies in Tehran, Iran – the center of International Conferences in Shahid Beheshti University, on January 9, 2010.

The letter of appreciation, signed by Dr. Morteza Shahidzadeh, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Development Fund of Iran and Dr. Mohammad Hashem Rahmati, Scientific Secretary of the Conference, reads:

Dear Hasan Hajjarian, The CEO of Chin Chin Agro-ComplexGreetings upon Muhammad and His Family
On the borders of the glories of this land remain, for times to come, the tracks of those who have dedicated their lives to the love of God and service of His populace. The manufacturers of the healthy, high quality products are, truly, the embodiment of these noble servants the thought and effort of whose towards a dynamic economy and producing healthy and high quality food deserves genuine gratitude.

It is hereby declared that, considering the incessant  efforts and dedication on the part of the manager and the workers to maintaining and enhancing the quality of products ensuring the health of individuals and the protection of citizenship rights, this company is recognized as the top firm in “ food safety and health”. May God provide you with ever increasing prosperity.

On the importance of the Summit Named “ Healthy food, from farm to family”

The conference is being held in partnership with the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Ministry of Veterinary and Agricultural Jihad and is recognized as one of the most prestigious scientific conferences in the country. The policymakers, Secretaries, and the Scientific-Executive Committee are all renowned professors in the field of health, nutrition, and agriculture whose papers are presented at accredited international conferences.

Here are presented the foci of the conference:  Food Science and Technology, Agricultural Management and Economics, New Technologies and Mechanization of Agriculture, Watershed Management and Water Resources, Meteorological and Biotechnological Agriculture, Agriculture and Plant Breeding, Horticultural Sciences and Landscapes, Sciences” Livestock and Poultry, Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences, Medical Plants, Environmental and Land Preparation, Life Sciences, Rural Development, Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources and all agricultural related subjects.

Chin Chin, the Iranian’s First Choice

The industrial and agricultural complex , known now as Chin Chin, was first founded in Mashhad in  Aban, 1353, (1974, November). It was only three years later that they, making tomato paste, compote, tomato juice, fruit juice and ketchup, officially commenced their production.  Having made different productions for five years, they finally decided to pursue a vaster market, leading to their making a variety of jam. this turned  out to be warmly welcomed by the Iranian consumers making it imperative to build new, larger factories. Hence, in 1372, the international agriculture and industry factory was founded, adding to the production capacity, culminating from employing cutting edge technologies.

Among the best seller products are canned eggplant, also known as caviar eggplant, canned green peas, and canned chicken beans.